Monday, March 05, 2007

Kill me now!

I registered for classes last week: Business Calculus and Ethics & Social Responsibility. The B.C. class is a prerequisite and I am dreading it so. The class is 4 hours long on Wednesdays. Shall I start crying now? I hope it doesn't make me cry. Chris has already offered to tudor me if needed. I be lucky to have smart friends :D

Friday, we shut the office down early and went bowling. It was tons of fun! I posted pictures in my Flickr gallery if you are interested. In other work news, we had to let someone go today that I really liked. I so did not enjoy that and will miss him. He was a good employee, but he just made a mistake that couldn't be overlooked. Crap happens sometimes.

This weekend flew by and I was just a big homebody. I'm trying to make the most of my downtime before I no longer have any, but I should also try and be more social since I won't have time to socialize once school starts later this month. Natalie moved into her new apartment on Saturday so Tony was off helping her move. I thought about doing some shopping, but just didn't have the motivation to go out and spend more money. I did do a little bit of internet shopping - I bought our plane tickets to San Diego! We're going during the last weekend in April. Yay! Tony hasn't been since little C was 3 weeks old and now he'll be 3 this year. Time flies way too quickly.

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Stine said...

Math is hard. Math girls are hot.