Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Poop Mystery

I arrived home yesterday to find poop on the floor downstairs and it smeared across the floor for about 3-4 feet. Gross! I had dropped Tony off at Amanda's, so he wasn't there to clean it up immediately. I sent him a text message informing him of the treat he'd have to deal with when he got home. This type of behavior is not typical of the kitties and it was likely that the pooping action was causing them much discomfort. After multiple text messages, Tony admitted that he had gone to Taco Bell the night before while I was out getting my eyebrows waxed and shared part of his steak burrito thing with the kitties. It was likely his fault that this happened because the burrito caused him great discomfort and it probably did the same to the kitties.

Poor kitties. He totally deserved having to clean that mess up.

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Patti Auburn said...

Sneakin' meat! It's hard to do - there's always a tell-tale sign!