Friday, March 23, 2007


Now that I have spoken to all of my immediate family, I can post it here. We had the ultrasound yesterday and lil' bean is growing as he should and looks healthy. Yep, I said he. We're having a little boy! The tech pointed out the 'turtle' as she called it. The scrotum looks like the shell and the penis is the turtle's head poking out. So silly. When I put the pictures up, I'll be sure to point it out because she is right - it does look like a turtle.

I was busy running around yesterday. I got home around 10 after dropping Tony off from work and then had to leave at 11:30 for my massage appointment. After that, I got my hairs cut and then my school orientation. I ended up not getting home until 7 because I thought I was supposed to meet Tony on Capitol Hill. He was going to get a ride there after work. However, I left my phone at home and didn't have any change to call him from a pay phone. I ran around to his regular haunts but didn't find him. Gave up and went home to find him there. It's times like those that remind me how dependent we've become on mobile phones.


Estelle said...

Yay for boys! I wanted Charlie to be a girl so bad, but now I am soooo glad I didn't get my wish. Boys all the way!
And, uh, you know.
Let's talk car seats!

Patti Auburn said...

So cool.