Tuesday, January 08, 2008

5-month letter

Sweet Malcolm,

It sure has been an exciting month! You took your first plane trip to Utah to visit family and you did so great on the plane. You charmed everyone in the family and confused the little ones but only because they would mix you up with your cousin, Collin. You and Collin didn't wrestle like I predicted but he did try rolling on to you every time we put you two on the floor together. Everyone joked that he wanted to eat you.

You loved all of the new faces and getting so much attention. On Christmas day, we found out that you will have 3 new cousins next year, so get the 'new baby' attention while you can!

Things have been a bit out of whack since returning to Utah. Mommy caught a cold on the plane and has been keeping you up with her coughing. Also, we kept you up late a few nights with holiday celebration which made you very grumpy. Now you have a cold and are having a hard time breathing out of your nose. I keep demonstrating to you how to blow the snot out of your nose, but you just can't seem to get the hang of it. When it gets really bad, I use a bulb suction thing to get the snot out for you which you HATE but you then appreciate the results.

You have gotten so strong this month - everyone who holds you takes notice. You are standing up while just holding on to Mommy's fingers and you've been practicing sitting up on your own. You have actually started to play with toys while laying on your tummy which is such a huge improvement from just a couple of months ago. You are still a squeaker and a fist-eater but now you've added in rolling your tongue around in your mouth. Sometimes, you do all 3 at the same time which amuses your parents greatly.

Have I mentioned how adorable you are lately? Do you need proof?

You are doing a great job growing, kid. Keep up the good work!


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Anonymous said...


Jenn and I have enjoyed reading youg blog entries together. I am looking forward to hearing about your life adventures in person.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.

All the best,