Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And then we danced

I just can't shake this cold. Ugh. My voice occasionally makes an appearance and when it does, is quite deep.

Last night, we played Sandi's Wii = Dance, Dance Revolution and some bowling. The recent playing of group games has made me want a game console. Since I know I wouldn't get our money's worth from purchasing one, I will just invite us over to friends' houses more often. However, I found out that there is a version of Guitar Hero III for the Mac. was ordered today thanks to Dad & Carolyn (Christmas present!) I bet they never would have thought to buy that for us for Christmas :) Hell, as of recently, I never would have asked for it.

I've been thinking about making some new year's resolutions, but have decided against making 'resolutions' and have decided to set some goals for myself:

- organize the garage
- organize the office
- give away the stuff we hold on to and never use
- move around more (yoga, exercise, whatever!)
- read more child development & discipline books
- make a house cleaning schedule
- start a new hobby
- get back into cooking good food regularly

That's a start! I will be making 12 goals - one for each month. Right now, I must go take care of Mal. He's starting to squawk as if he is bored with the current activity he is doing :)

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