Saturday, January 26, 2008


When I cook, I often use recipes more as guides rather than following them exactly except for the first time I make it. For the quiches, I use this recipe. Instead of a 9x9 pan, I use a pie dish. I've used fingerling potatoes, yellow potatoes, red potatoes and russet potatoes. Our favorite is the fingerling and least favorite is russet. I added the caramelized onions because it's good and I use whatever greens strike my fancy. It's definitely the best with fresh herb goat cheese from the farmer's market, but will use plain goat cheese crumble often because it's a third of the cost.

The basics of fried rice are similar in every fried rice recipe. I add in the vegetables that I have in the fridge and always use long grain brown rice because that is what we keep in the pantry and I always spice it to taste. I use VegWeb a lot for ideas and recipe basics. The recipes are all vegan, but I often use real eggs and real cheese when the recipes call for the substitutes.

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Amanda said...

Mmmmm, fried rice!!