Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby steps

No, Mal's not walking yet. He's not even close to crawling. I'm referring to myself taking baby steps when trying to meet my goals. It seems that it's all that I have time for.

Speaking of time, the little guy decided to wake up at 4:30 AM this morning. I tried getting him back to sleep for 45 minutes, but finally gave up and got up. I brought him downstairs to play in his playpen while I laid down. I moved him to his swing around 6:30 and he fell right to sleep. I sure do hope he doesn't outgrow the swing anytime soon!

My sciatica has been flaring up these past few days. This displeases me greatly since I no longer have the insurance coverage for chiro/acupuncture/massage. The other thing that really helps the sciatic pain? Exercise.

This is so stereotypical but I suppose it's a must. Another goal for 2008:

- Exercise regularly

My goals so far:

1. organize the garage
2. organize the office
3. give away the stuff we hold on to and never use
4. move around more (yoga, exercise, whatever!)
5. read more child development & discipline books
6. make a house cleaning schedule
7. start a new hobby
8. get back into cooking good food regularly
9. take more quality pictures
10. exercise regularly

I've done a little bit of the organizing of the garage and office, but still have lots to do (baby steps). I've given away one item and set aside some clothes to take down to Goodwill this week. The cooking part is hard because it really depends on Malcolm :) I've been taking some cute pictures but my camera battery died and I haven't gotten around to recharging it.

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