Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

A head cold caused me to be up earlier than I would prefer. Everyone else is still sleeping in bed but congestion would not allow me. I apparently caught a cold on our flight back and have been ill since Thursday. I am not used to illnesses lasting this long. It started with a sore throat and earache for a few days and then moved to my sinuses. I think today has been the worst for my throat but that is because I did something a little stupid last night - I sang the vocal part while playing Rock Band. The first song, my voice cracked many times which made my friends laugh. The second song, I sounded like a foghorn. By the end of the night, my voice was gone. I couldn't resist playing the game - I think it's terribly fun.

We went over to Jill and William's house for a small gathering last night and kept Malcolm out too late. We didn't stay until midnight, but it was pretty close. Our potluck party was a success and I have to admit that I'm glad that not everyone we invited showed up. Our house can only hold so many people! Today, we are going to a New Year's brunch at Sunny's and then a get-together at Sandi's house. It's been fun having Jayne here and I am very glad that she likes little ones and can tolerate a bit of crying from time to time.

Mal just woke up so I'm going to go get him and let Tony sleep for a bit longer :)

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