Friday, January 04, 2008


This cough will be the death of me. I'm coughing so much that it has given me a headache. I didn't wake up as often last night, but did wake up too early this morning and also woke up Malcolm. I feel worse for keeping him up. He's taking a long nap right now and is having no problem sleeping through the current hacking.

The plan is to go snowboarding this weekend. I will only go if I am 100% better. We have been getting a good amount of snow in the mountains and I would LOVE to board this weekend, but cannot risk getting sick again and passing it on to Malcolm.

Our friend, Kait, gave birth to Kailyn Elise yesterday morning. Congratulations to Kait and her family! She was able to have a water birth at home with no complications. I wish I could go help her out, but they live in Minnesota.

Another goal: take more quality pictures!

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