Saturday, January 19, 2008

Goal update

I know this goal stuff doesn't make for the most interesting reading and for that I do apologize. I'm writing these out for myself because if I do not keep track of my progress, I will likely forget about them.

I cooked some good food this week. Mmmmm. I made a delish quiche with caramelized onions, garlic, kale and goat cheese. I also made fried rice with snow peas, broccoli, yellow onion, garlic, pineapple, marinated tofu and green onions. When you make fried rice at home, it's so easy to keep it good and healthy.

My eleventh goal this year is to transition Mal from his current sleeping places into his crib. When he naps, he sleeps in his swing and at night, he sleeps in our bed next to me. Before Mal was born, we intended to have him sleep in a co-sleeper that is attached to the bed thinking that there wouldn't be enough room in the bed for all 3 of us. Once he was born, we found it no problem for him to fit in the bed with us. The family bed has worked out great so far, but now he's at an age where he could be sleeping for longer periods during the night and this is not happening. It's possible that he could sleep longer when he's in his own bed. Transitioning him to his own bed is going to take some work and some loss of sleep. I've started working on transitioning from his swing to his playpen or crib for his naps. The first step has been successful so far - I stopped turning on the swing so he gets used to sleeping in a still place. Unfortunately, when I put him in his playpen when he's pretty much asleep, his eyes pop wide open and I have a difficult time getting him back to sleep.

We'll be trying the methods mapped out in The No Cry Sleep Solution and The Baby Whisperer. The other parents in our new parents group are going through the same thing right now. We are often discussing sleep issues in our weekly meetings. Who would have thought that teaching a little one how to sleep could be so complicated!


Amanda said...

i commend you for keeping up with your goals. i have been trying to be better about that myself, but of course so many of them center around babies that i tend to get sidetracked. ;)
And can i just tell you...every time you talk about food i just SLOBBER! We want to come eat at your house!

kik said...

I am with Amanda on this food thing... well, I don't know if I "slobber," but it does sound good. Would you consider posting the recipes?

Oh the sleeping issues... I have heard tales of them... Keep us posted on how its going.

I give you a ring tomorrow, after my first day at the University of Tampa. :)