Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, it seems I'm having a hard time staying focused on work today. My brain is refusing to function properly. I sent an email to all of our marketing affiliates with a typo of sorts: approvements. I dunno. I meant to say 'improvments' but for some reason I combined the work approve with improvements and came up with approvements. Dur.

On Friday night, neighbors & coworkers Jessica and Eric had a Cowboy party. It gave us an excuse to pull out our Halloween costumes. We hung out there for a bit before heading to Amanda's house to watch Delicatessen. It just came out on DVD and looks wonderful. I love that movie and hadn't seen it in years. Good times. Saturday, I went dress shopping with Julie & Natalie and then we met up with Chris, Amanda, Murray and his parents for dinner at Twenty-Two Doors. Afterwards, everyone except the 'rents came back to our place to hang out and be silly.

Well, I suppose I should try and get a bit more work done before 5:00. Eh.

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