Friday, May 05, 2006

Why everyone should see bands live

Have you ever been to a show where seeing the band live makes you love them more? That was our experience last night for everyone in our group. Flunk put on a fantastic show. The lead singer was adorable. This was their first time playing in the states and they were so bashful when the crowd cheered and thanked the crowd multiple times for being there. Many bands have such big egos but Flunk does not. Apparently, Seattle is the top place in the world for CD sales for them. Go figure!

I gave Kik their most recent album for Christmas because some of the songs reminded me of her and I could also imagine her doing her little Kik dance to some of the songs. I never did ask you if you liked the CD. I have found that people either love Flunk or do not care for them at all.

Here's Tony's post about the show with links to music video & pictures he took at the show.

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