Friday, May 19, 2006

I love my overcast skies

We got a break from the heat & sun today with a nice layer of clouds. I love Seattle weather. Warm & sunny for a few days and then a nice cloud cover to give us fair-skinned folk a break. Speaking of fair skin, I was standing next to Tony this morning in the bathroom as we were getting ready. I am noticibly tanner than him. Go fake tanner, Go!

The Boss said we could close shop early today (4pm). I am tempted to enjoy my evening and do no studying. I need a break one night this week, no? I'm going to skip out on bookclub tomorrow and go for a massage to see if it will help with the sciatica. My upper back is not happy at all about being hunched over a book for hours at a time.

Tomorrow night is Adrianne's bachelorette party. We are going to start off with dinner at Cafe Flora and then do the bar hop on Capitol Hill. Julie is have a bbq on Sunday, but I may have to skip it so I can focus on studying all day long.

Just wait until grad school starts. All I'm going to talk about is how I study everyday. Wow. So exciting.

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