Friday, January 26, 2007

Almost Fainting & Yummy Food

Last night, Chris & I went to see the Cruxshadows. It was great to catch up with old friends. Rogue and Jessica are finally getting married after dating for, let's see...14 years. Jessica was one of the first people I met at FSU when I first started attending the school in 1993. Her and Rogue had just started dating. My how time flies. We arrived around 10 knowing that there was 2 opening bands. Unfortunately, things got off to a late start and the Cruxshadows didn't start playing until almost 12:30! We had been standing around for a couple of hours at that point. I started not feeling so well: nauseous & dizzy. After about 3 songs, I told Chris I needed to go so we started to walk out. I was walking ahead of him - the dizziness increased and my vision started to tunnel & darken to the point where I couldn't see at all. He had been stopped by a friend to chat so I grabbed onto the bar and then crouched down onto the floor. I sat there for a couple of minutes until my vision came back and then I stood up and told Chris that I needed to go (he didn't even notice me crouching on the floor). As we continued to walk out, it started happening again. Thankfully, there was a stool that I could sit instead of having to crouch on the floor. Chris was finally able to get me outside where the cool air helped.

I've never fainted before but I've heard of what it feels like. I think my blood pressure just got too low from standing in one place for so long. I need to be careful! I've felt just a little dizzy today when standing up from my desk. If it continues throughout the weekend, I'm calling my doctor's office on Monday.

I made a yummy dish last night. I added one thing, though: tofu.

Oh lame. I just tried to find the recipe on Vegetarian Times but it's not on there yet. It's from a recent issue. It has soba noodles, a peanut sauce made from scratch and Napa cabbage. Oh vell.

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