Sunday, January 21, 2007

I found myself one of those "best" husbands

I say to Tony, "I'm craving ice cream." He says, "Want me to go get you some?" I say, "No, but Yes." And he asks, "What kind?" I reply, "Cherry Garcia ice cream bars. But, if they don't have those, then Heath Bar Crunch."

He comes back from the store with Cherry Garcia ice cream cones b/c they didn't have the bars and Coffee Heath Bar Crunch b/c he wasn't sure the cones would satisfy my craving.

Did I mention that I am fully capable of going to the store myself and that my husband loves me so much that he indulges me and lets me be lazy?* That's why he's one of the best husbands. He also went to the store on Friday night to get me ice cream, too.

*I was actually folding his laundry so it's a fair trade ;)

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