Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yesterday was full of bad ideas

After the frito incident, I made two more bad decisions about what I ate yesterday. As we were driving home yesterday, the hubby and I had the usual discussion about what to eat for dinner. I was feeling exceptionally lazy and mentioned Taco Time. I had been craving salty beans all day. I consumed most of a bean & cheese burrito before heading out to do a bit of shopping. When I got home from my shopping adventure, I ate another ice cream cone. Tummy was feeling OK. Then, Tony grabs the pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and I proceeded to eat about 5 bites of that before heading to bed. Not only did my upset tummy keep me up, but I think the caffeine from the coffee ice cream did, too. I be tired today. My fruit & vegetable consuption yesterday was pathetic and that always makes me feel like crap.

Today, I ate a salad for lunch and will be eating some black bean soup soon. We're going over to Cathy & Eric's for dinner tonight - kale is on the menu and I sure do love me some kale. Today, I have (mostly) good ideas about what to eat.

Speaking of eating, I am back down to my pre-hypothyroidism weight. Strangely, though, I am still the same size pants (10). I think I've lost a lot of my muscle tone since I stopped working out. Snowboarding on the weekends just doesn't cut it. I hope to find a new gym that is close to home and our new office location. My back is not liking my inactive lifestyle :(

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Estelle said...

Um, what the hell? Your pregnant? How did that happen? Okay okay I know how it happened, but still. I haven't seen any mention of pregnancy and then *bam* you're going on about car seats?
Okay, wow. Congrats! Great news! Take the car seat back!