Monday, January 29, 2007


My ideas of what to eat today have been very good until this afternoon. For breakfast, a bowl of cereal. Lunch, mushroom barley soup and kale & seaweed salad. Snack, red bartlett pear. And then, the bad idea came into my head. I was craving something salty & crunchy (i.e. chips) but I knew my tummy would regret indulging in a bag of Cheetoes. Then, I remembered. I brought in rice cakes. Rice cakes saved the day! Sure, they lack flavor and they were so dry that they stuck to my lips, but I no longer craved chips. Bad idea QUASHED!

I had to take Tony home this afternoon. He's not feeling well and is running a fever. Poor Tony :(

Still, no new snow in the mountains and no predictions of snow in the upcoming week. We're going up to Whistler this weekend and this was my last hope of snowboarding this season(I'm only comfortable doing it in great conditions right now). The trip is still going to be lots of fun. It's a bigger group going this time: me, Tony, Chris, Julie, William, Jill, her 2 kids, Douglas, Lorian. 10 of us total. I'm kinda bummed that the kids' first Whistler experience is going to be on mediocre snow.


smellyknee said...

Great minds think alike! And use the same templates too! :-)

Stine said...

Dude, you should read my latest post about the liver cleanse.

Smelly Knee? Why didn't I know you were on here.